The Digital Way

Digital printing has grown at a staggering pace over the last fifteen years and H&A Print has kept up with all the technical developments.

Colour laser printers have evolved from being suitable only for rough proofs for off-set printing, into digital presses with the capacity and speed for production runs of high quality work. Our digital press is the only one of this quality between Wellington and Hamilton. If you need speed without compromising looks this is the way to go.

No aspect of print production has been unaffected by the changes. Design software develops year by year into more powerful and sophisticated tools. Effects that once took a lot of time and skill to achieve can now be added with a couple of mouse-clicks and everybody gets a better looking design.

In 1995 we bought our first image-setter to produce film for platemaking. This was a major step, reducing darkroom work and making four colour printing hugely more affordable. In 2006 we took the next step and installed a computer-to-plate system. Film has now become obsolete, removing another bottleneck in the offset printing process and reducing the impact on the environment.

The computer-to-plate technology ensures correct registration for crisper, clearer printing and brilliant colours.

The changes in the printing world have by no means slowed down and we are keeping an eye on the future to make sure we can continue to deliver quality at the right price.

Design Branding

At H&A Print we believe that design is a vital link to printing. Our designers listen to you. Design involves concepts, planning and producing a design just right for you - and your budget. H&A Print offer almost any design concept you desire. Our graphic designers have the creative skills to plan and develop the overall layout and production design of brochures, letterheads, business cards, corporate reports, books, magazines, flyers, logos, etc... H&A Print have the computer technology and skills to create works containing attention-getting imagery through computer manipulation and superimposition.

Acceptable File Formats

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  • PDF (.pdf, any version)
  • Adobe InDesign (.indd, any version)
  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai or .eps, any version)
  • Adobe Photoshop (.psd or layered .tiff, any version)
  • TIFF (files for full-page or spread four colour)
  • Microsoft Word, Publisher, Powerpoint, Excel (any version)
  • OpenOffice (any version)
  • Scribus (any version)
  • Adobe Pagemaker (any version from 6.0)
  • Other (save as generic .eps): CorelDraw 9, Freehand


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  • PDF, TIFF, AI, and EPS file formats are preferred, however JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP file formats are accepted.
  • Images should have an effective resolution of 300 dpi. 72dpi images or images downloaded from a website are often unacceptable quality for magazine printing. Please call to discuss specifics.
  • High resolution images are excellent, but please avoid sending unnecessarily large files.
  • Do not select "include halftone transfer screen" or "include transfer function" options for Photoshop EPS format files. Do not save EPS files with JPEG encoding - use Binary. Do not embed an ICC colour profile.


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  • All colours must be CMYK, Pantone Spot Colours or Grayscale. No Lab or Index colour. RGB will be converted to CMYK.
  • If unsure, make all colours CMYK or Grayscale.
  • Bleed 2mm to 3mm over the edge of the page to account for movement of paper in trimming. If there are any objects touching the page edges, bleed is very important to factor in. Learn more about bleed here.

When quoted...

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  • PRESS READY or PRINT READY: This means your artwork must include bleed, no crop marks and have all fonts embedded or supplied complete (ie. screen and printer fonts) and in a format listed as "Acceptable File Format" above. Note: a PDF cannot usually be changed in any way so they must be set up correctly to avoid extra charges.
  • COPY SUPPLIED or ARTWORK SUPPLIED: This means you provide text, images, and any other artwork in a raw form with a 'storyboard' to show where artwork is placed. We create the design from your material.

Electronic submission

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  • Contact us for an invitation to our Dropbox where you can send us up to 2GB at a time, or if you're a more advanced user we can send you our FTP details. You can also email files up to 20MB if your email account allows it, or send in a pendrive or DVD. There are a myriad of ways of sending us your files now so you don't need to leave your office. Just call us if unsure.

Who to call with questions...

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Phone 06 345 3145, ask for Kelvin or Hinemoa. Or email: